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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What happened to free apps on the App Store?

When the app store was first born, there were quite a few great free applications. Facebook, AIM, and especially Aurora Feint all come to mind. But now the free apps on the App Store are mainly “Lite” versions of paid applications. Sure, it’s a smart move financially, but does it always make sense, and is it always necessary?

In the past week, AIM posted an update to its one free AIM application, telling users they now owned AIM Lite, which would be riddled with ads. They could purchase regular AIM if they so choose, and get rid of the ads. The same thing happened with Aurora Feint once the developers started making spinoffs and new versions. Owners of the full-featured “Free” app all of the sudden found themselves with a “Lite” copy of Aurora Feint 2, now with 100% more advertising.

Read the whole article @ Apple Tell

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