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Friday, October 5, 2007

Nokia's N95 vs. Apple's iPhone

When Apple's iPhone debuted, it seemed to have it all - sleek hardware, a revolutionary user interface, and a cult following. But flash-forward a couple of months, and it's getting flak for being chained to AT&T's slowpoke network and for blocking non-Apple software programs.

Meanwhile, Nokia has quietly introduced a North American version of its multimedia smartphone, the N95. Already a hit in Europe, the N95 is one of the first "unlocked" mobile phones to be heavily marketed in the United States.

What exactly is an unlocked phone? For starters it's a device that can work on multiple GSM networks worldwide. It's also open to any mobile applications, not just those allowed by the phonemaker or the network the device happens to be running on. In fact, Nokia (Charts) is even encouraging customers to experiment with their N95 - its new ad campaign touts the phone as "open to anything."

The locked/unlocked debate aside, both the iPhone and the N95 are impressive mobile devices - true pioneers that are finally allowing us to carrying portable, multimedia computers in our pockets.

Read the whole article @ CNN

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